Canon imageFORMULA document and check scanners satisfy a wide variety of image capture needs with a full-range of mobile, office, production, networked, and check transport solutions. They offer features that make converting paper-based documents into digital information easier, such as high speeds, compact designs, and flexible configuration options. Realize the organization, efficiency, and productivity that Canon imageFORMULA scanners can deliver.

Featured Product: DR-C225W


The Canon imageFORMULA DR-C225W document scanner’s innovative, space-saving design and built-in WiFi® connectivity make it a standout in any office environment. Its flexibility and enhanced ease of use make it ideal for moving paper-based information to select PCs, Macs, smartphones, tablets, and beyond.

With its small size and flexibility, the DR-C225W scanner is ideal for various industries such as legal, healthcare, financial, and real estate. The built-in wireless capability allows for scanning across various devices and can be used by individuals or shared by small workgroups to modernize paper-based processes and help increase efficiency and productivity. When combined with the bundled software, the DR-C225W scanner can be used for converting documents into editable electronic files; scanning business cards and organizing contacts; file archiving, retrieval, and sharing; searchable PDF creation; and much more.

Featured Product: DR-F120


Deliver versatility to the workplace or home office with the imageFORMULA DR-F120 document scanner. With a sleek design that combines a flatbed with an automatic feeder, the DR-F120 scanner is simple to use, bringing high quality imaging, flexibility, and easy document processing while adding a hint of elegance to any desk space.

The DR-F120 scanner provides a versatile scanning solution to areas such as education, healthcare, manufacturing, construction, information and data processing services, and others that require both batch scanning and scanning of various media formats to tackle different job tasks. With the bundled software, users can access various scan modes, including connection to cloud-based services,* so documents can be uploaded and shared effortlessly. A variety of built-in capabilities offers users easy-to-use scanning processes, making it an optimal choice for converting documents into editable electronic files, PDF creation, document organization, as well as other useful functions.

Featured Product: CaptureOnTouch Mobile

CaptureOnTouch Mobile Canon’s CaptureOnTouch software can help increase user productivity by simplifying the document scanning process. The intuitive interface enables users to quickly and efficiently scan documents and automatically distribute them to Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices, and beyond.

Featured Product: WU10

The WU10 Wireless Adapter and Battery Pack is an optional device to expand the connectivity and mobility of the imageFORMULA P-Series mobile document scanners.

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